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As far as i read in some topics here, OneDrive doesn’t support poll-interval.
I’m currently mounting my cloud (using VFS) intended to stream using PLEX. ALL my files are uploaded directly into the cloud or using OneDrive sync app for Windows. When a file is added through any of these methods, the mount doesn’t show the file until the --dir-cache-time flag expires.

Question: Since poll-interval is not currently supported for OneDrive, is there a problem to set the --dir-cache-time flag with a low value, about 60 seconds?

Appreciate the help.

It probably could - I haven’t managed to find the API in a quick scan, but onedrive seems to do everything else!

It will just make more transactions to OneDrive. It should work correctly, but more transactions to onedrive will use more bandwidth.

Nice, i’ll keep the dir-cache-time this way since its working properly and bandwidth usage is not an issue for me at least for now. If rclone could support poll-interval for onedrive in the future would be nice.

Thanks mate.

Fancy making a new issue on github about that?

Sure, link below.
Request 3062

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