Onedrive + plex optimization

Dear All!

I would like to ask your help.
I have a linux server 4cpu 3GB RAM.
I have plex and rclone and onedrive. Onedrive is mounted in read only and configured in cache mode (beta plex cache). I have mov videos, but when i play them the rclone consumes my whole ram, i have to wait very long during the video to buffer/load it. Could you give me suggestion for the configuration? Chunk size etc…

Thanks a lot!

Tried mounting with --cache-chunk-no-memory option flag?

From docs:
By default, cache will keep file data during streaming in RAM as well to provide it to readers as fast as possible.

This transient data is evicted as soon as it is read and the number of chunks stored doesn’t exceed the number of workers. However, depending on other settings like cache-chunk-size and cache-workers this footprint can increase if there are parallel streams too (multiple files being read at the same time).

If the hardware permits it, use this feature to provide an overall better performance during streaming but it can also be disabled if RAM is not available on the local machine.


I left to use the memory… but the streaming slow. Every 15 sec i have to wait 15 sec to buffer on ions client… anybody has a good onedrive rclone cache setting?

I think it’s the problem with plex and one drive on linux. When on windows the one drive client can stream quite fast using their official client app, but it seems different to how gdrive behave.
When i use plex with one drive on windows then streaming gets worse, one drive seems to firce to download the whole file first before attempting to to play a file.
On linux try to use mpv etc. to play video file that you mount with rclone cache fir one drive. If that works well then plex should works too.
But i found out that one drive buffers a lot for streaming video if we don’t use Microsoft official client app