OneDrive Photos not stored as images

About two monthes ago I synced all of my photos to my OneDrive without any problems. Today all newly added photos are not stored as pictures anymore but as normal files. They can not be viewed in OneDrive online. Only downloaded.

Debian 10.7
rclone v1.53.3

I'm not sure I'm following as you didn't share too much.

An image is just a file with an extension.

Can you share an example of what you mean?
Can you upload a file with a debug log that shows the issue?
Can you share you rclone.conf without any secrets/keys?

Basically, fill out the rest of the template.

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I've analyzed the problem more deeply. It's up to OneDrive and not rclone. If I upload a photo by hand it's the same. As if OneDrive doesn't index the file. I can't add it to an album for example.
Screenshot 2020-12-15 003324

Sorry for the inconvenience. Rclone is great. Have a cup of coffee.


Are MIME Types stored as metadata with the file? Or are they based on the extension? Also, does the image work? Could it be corrupted?

If you take a look at this table you'll see Onedrive can only Read mime types. That means that Onedrive sets mimetypes itself either from the file extension or by sniffing the file or by magic - we don't know. Rclone can read these mime types (see rclone lsf for how).

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If you Upload too many photos at once, it can take up to days until OneDrive indexed them all. Until then you get the error i did.


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