OneDrive Personal - Version History and storage usage


I hope someone can confirm this for me, as I have not found any clear answers. Does OneDrive Personal version history count towards your storage quota? I know it does for the Business version, but I have no idea if that's also the case for Personal.

According to a bug report here:, it is mentioned that the version history doesn't consume storage quota, but the official rclone documentation for OneDrive makes no mention of that, only that --onedrive-disable-versions doesn't work with Personal.

What I do know is that OneDrive Personal retention for version history is only 30 days, so space should get freed up regularly anyway.

My basic understanding is that OneDrive Personal version history won't take additional space and version history is only held for 30 days. It's considered part of the recovery for malicious/ransomware protection while Business will hold the versioning for as long as defined.

Have you tried to do any test on this? upload a 1 to 5GB file and check the free space you have, then simply modify the file (or upload a new file with same name but different checksum) and see if the remaining free space is reduced. If so, you can simply delete the file with the versioning to reclaim the space after the test.

Thank you. If it doesn't take additional space then OneDrive becomes an option for me.

Not yet, but I agree it's a valid test. I still don't have a Microsoft account, but I'm considering subscribing to the Office 365 family plan to get 6TB of storage (using multiple accounts and rclone union) since the pricing is very good where I live.

Sure feel free to test. you should be able to even test in the free tier with 5gb space just by uploading maybe a 1gb file.

Definitely the six 1tb accounts Office 365 is a terrific deal for cloud storage plus the other included features. Do note that Microsoft is very conservative on API burst and throttles requests very quickly. It does not really impact much unless you do a lot of sequential requests but definitely something to keep in mind.

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