OneDrive Personal Filesize Article Update Suggestion

Hey guys,

I just wanted to point out that the ODP filesize reported the rclone OneDrive Article are incorrect.

OneDrive Personal: 100GB not 35GB per file


I can personally confirm this.


Do you fancy sending a fix for this?

The file which needs fixing is

And you can follow the instructions to do a web browser based fix here:

Just did, that was my first time. Did I do it right? Thanks for the opportunity!

Perfect thanks @victorlustig :slight_smile: There is a followup idea on the PR for a futher update.

Thank you

You're most welcome.

"There is a followup idea on the PR for a futher update." - what do you mean with that?

Also: I really love the work you're doing here, if there is a way I could somehow contribute a little bit let me know. I can't really code that well, but I am fluent in German and English, so I could do some work on the docs if you like.


@darthShadow wrote on the pull request

According to this, Onedrive for Business will also have the updated 100GB limit by end of June:

Perhaps we can specify 100GB for that too, with a note saying that it will be applicable only from July?

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