Onedrive move business to business

I'm trying to perform this operation, but I'm encountering an error.

rclone moveto example:92vi9eijhok70onj8625r5vva1acurf0dqj9vfd2f3boc6srke98cm0aqsfo7gur6pg5bf96thcjf1c3f313mo61u3oh3bo52e54ev5rfmufk9ohfvg6f5 example:/konfibhoiua2415ajd5uonnnr4/92vi9eijhok70onj8625r5vva1acurf0dqj9vfd2f3boc6srke98cm0aqsfo7gur6pg5bf --progress -vv --onedrive-server-side-across-configs

Error : ( The IDs have been hidden.) The folder 'konfibhoiua2415ajd5uonnnr4' is a shortcut to another account's folder.

OneDrive root 'konfibhoiua2415ajd5uonnnr4': Can't move files between drives ("b!xxc1XXWIsEWTyrXXXXXXXRVClNTAMJQHGBlV1NqJRFXXXXXCXXL" != "b!xxAXXXiNkCXXXXXX3IzbRvRVClNTAMJQHGBlV1NqJRXXXXXOL")

92vi9eijhok70onj8625r5vva1acurf0dqj9vfd2f3boc6srke98cm0aqsfo7gur6pg5bf96thcjf1c3f313mo61u3oh3bo52e54ev5rfmufk9ohfvg6f5 : Can't move, switching to copy

92vi9eijhok70onj8625r5vva1acurf0dqj9vfd2f3boc6srke98cm0aqsfo7gur6pg5bf96thcjf1c3f313mo61u3oh3bo52e54ev5rfmufk9ohfvg6f5 : Failed to copy: 92vi9eijhok70onj8625r5vva1acurf0dqj9vfd2f3boc6srke98cm0aqsfo7gur6pg5bf96thcjf1c3f313mo61u3oh3bo52e54ev5rfmufk9ohfvg6f5 : async operation returned "failed"

92vi9eijhok70onj8625r5vva1acurf0dqj9vfd2f3boc6srke98cm0aqsfo7gur6pg5bf96thcjf1c3f313mo61u3oh3bo52e54ev5rfmufk9ohfvg6f5 : Not deleting source as copy failed: 92vi9eijhok70onj8625r5vva1acurf0dqj9vfd2f3boc6srke98cm0aqsfo7gur6pg5bf96thcjf1c3f313mo61u3oh3bo52e54ev5rfmufk9ohfvg6f5 

How can I solve this issue?

Make sure you share the folder via web interface between both accounts, otherwise it will fail due to lack of permissions to read the file. Simply grab the source folder and share it with the destination business account. It should work then.

No matter what I do, I couldn't perform the transfer process between the folders of two different accounts using rclone. I can do it through the web. I've double-checked the permissions, and there doesn't seem to be any issue.

hi, the first step would be to answer all the questions in the help and support template.
that helps us to help you

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