Onedrive mount and conflicts

I use rclone to mount a "teams" drive where a keepass database is stored. What is the conflict strategy if a file is modified between read&write by another user?


What do you mean by a conflict? A file can only be modified by one person at a time on a mount. The OS handles this normally.

conflict strategy is dependent on the application, not rclone.

keepass supports multi-user access.

you will have test that and see how well it works with rclone mount.

Sorry, I am also a syncthing user and I suppose I missed here changes should be immediately. I was worried about this scenario:

  • I mount a onedrive share in my system
  • I open a file (so it may stay in cache)
  • Some other user change the same file and uploads it online
  • I change the file and save it
  • rclone try to upload my file

Hi enboig, that’s a fair concern :slight_smile:

The KeePass documentation says: “When invoking the 'Save' command, KeePass checks whether the file on disk/server has been modified while you were editing it. If it has been modified, KeePass prompts whether you want to overwrite or synchronize with the file. Note this applies only to the 'Save' command, not the 'Save As' command.”

I use shared KeePass files in the native OneDrive client and scenarios like yours sometimes result in sync conflicts that I solve manually (using the File/Syncronize in KeePass)

I suggest you try it out - advice and documentation is good, test is better :wink:

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