OneDrive for Business uses 2x the space

Hey guys

Loving the OneDrive for Business addition to 1.38

I was syncing some backups and saw that my onedrive usage was surprisingly high. My feeling was that it was around double what I had uploaded and did a test. I uploaded a 1MB file via rclone (tested both encrypted and regluar) which counts as 2MB in used space.

When I browse my backups I can see that the file is 1MB, but when I open storage metrics I can see that it’s using 2MB.

Not a deal-breaker, but a Head-scratcher:

Any ideas?

I wonder whether onedrive is rounding up to the nearest MB or something like that. What happens if you upload a 10MB file?

Yeah I thought so first, but a 10MB file takes 20MB space 100->200 etc.

Here is a screenshot of the same 100MB file uploaded via the onedrive tool (100MB1) and rclone (100MB)

This happens in Linux and Windows

Was it a clean upload with no retries?

Is there anything in the version history? Perhaps there is another version? If so can you download it to see if it is the same?

Does rclone do the same thing on non business onedrive do you know?

Here is a clean upload with no retries:

The problem is indeed that rclone always creates 2 copies, but I dont have a non business account to try if it´s the same there.

When I download both versions of a file and compare them the md5 is the same

I use the “-c” function and don’t have these problems.


You only get the single version of the file?

It did not make any difference for me

OK, there seem to be 2 versions which is very strange! rclone definitely doesn’t upload two copies though.

I replicated this with a onedrive for business account, but not with a normal onedrive.

Please make a new issue on github with the above screenshot showing the versions and a bit of description and we will investigate further!

As far as I can see rclone is doing the correct thing, so this may be a bug in the ondrive API. Either way an rclone issue to track it would be perfect.


Done and done


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Hi all,

I have the same problem, which is very annoying, because my backup now fills all of my space, while it should only use half of it.

I’m using rclone sync, with no options, under Ubuntu 16.04, and OneDrive for Business.
Unfortunately, I have no access to Site Settings (apparently I don’t have the permissions to access these settings), so I cannot use the workaround described in the above issue track.

Are there any updates on this issue?


If you check the issue above you’ll find a workaround.


thanks for the answer. However, as I mentioned above, apparently I don’t have access to Site Settings (it maybe a limitation from the administrator), so I cannot use that workaround.


:frowning: I’m sure we’ll fix the issue eventually. However more help is always needed if you wanted to join in on the issue.