Onedrive for business configuration

this may just be a feature request, setting up one drive for business for the first real test with one drive

at the final config step:

Found 4 drives, please select the one you want to use:
0: OneDrive (business) id=very long id
1: OneDrive (business) id=very long id
2: OneDrive (business) id=very long id
3: OneDrive (business) id=very long id
Chose drive to use:> 0
Found drive 'root' of type 'business', URL:
Is that okay?
y) Yes
n) No

Obviously I'll just test each of the 4, but for the life of me I couldn't find how to correlate the ID with something on the office365 side, but you obviously pull the actual name, is there a way to do that in the initial picker ?


The thing in brackets (business) is the drive name so all 4 of your drives have the same name! I suspect you can set that to differentiate the drives (but I don't know how!).

What we get back from the API is

			type driveResource struct {
				DriveID   string `json:"id"`
				DriveName string `json:"name"`
				DriveType string `json:"driveType"`

And we print the DriveName and DriveID.

The other thing you can do is use the search and search for something about the drive. This may work better (or may not!).

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