OneDrive for Business Additional Drive IDs [Feature Request]

Hello guys,

so I was experimenting again and I noticed something. As I had posted before, I manage a Microsoft Office 365 Tenant. Within that tenant I set myself to be the owner (not just Administrator) of the MS Sharepoint drives of my parents. Without additional authentication I was then able to simply browser these drives via a web browser and WebDAV etc. However, rclone did not recognise these drives as being mine when selecting them.

Here is the kicker though, I was able to add these drives with my personal access token by entering the drive ID manually. However, I only was able to get these drive IDs by going through the rclone procedure and selecting the drive while adding - which is always drive 0.

I looked at the MS documentation and for me it seems to difficult at this moment to someone obtain these drive IDs other than getting an access token from for example my parents and then fetching them manually.

I have no idea whether I am explaining myself properly here. But, I would like to suggest a feature or some way within rclone to get these IDs in order to be able to add them if you have the correct permissions set in the SharePoint Admin Center. I know a bunch of people who simply do not use their 1TB of space and it's a shame to let them go to waste.

Another question I have, what use or for what are you supposed to search when you opt to search for a Sharepoint Drive when adding an rclone remote?

Let me know if I should rephrase myself, it's a bit hard to explain.

Is there an API for fetching the IDs? Could rclone call that?

I'm not exactly sure! I'm not a sharepoint expert. What did you try?

It might be helpful if you cut and pasted from the terminal you doing one of these configurations. XXXX out the IDs and tokens as appropriate.

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