OneDrive Files on Demand

Thought i would ask here before i post it as a bug to get a second opinion. With Windows 10 1709 a new OneDrive feature was added called “Files on Demand”. This lets the real OneDrive client pull down the file when needed. I tried to do a rclone copy from a “Files on Demand” OneDrive back to a encrypted rclone OneDrive. It throws a bunch of errors probably due to not waiting to have the files from the files on demand piece.

The command looked like this rclone copy c:\users\ABC\OneDrive onedriveenc:
any other local folders works for example
rclone copy c:\users\ABC\tempfolder onedriveenc:

This is sort of a one off thing but thought i would post.

I haven’t seen that before. Perhaps you’d better make a new issue on github with a log with -vv and we can investigate further!