OneDrive Encryption Still sha1?

why are OneDrive crypts still encrypted with sha1 encryption when it has been deprecated for several years now, and google has reported they've been able to crack it? Isn't there a way i can opt for sha1 when doing crypt on a OneDrive personal remote?

sha1 is used for checksums, not encryption.

when rclone transfers a file, it needs to know if the file was transferred without corruption.
after the transfer has completed, rclone will calculate the sha1 checksum hash of the local file and compare it to the onedrive checksum.

a rclone crypt remote uses it own encryption, not depedent on onedrive or any cloud provider.
"File content encryption is performed using NaCl SecretBox, based on XSalsa20 cipher and Poly1305 for integrity."

ah. so it's just for checksums.

i was reading the OneDrive documentation that stated " OneDrive personal supports SHA1 type hashes. OneDrive for business and Sharepoint Server support QuickXorHash.".

Thanks for clarifying that for me :smirk:

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