Onedrive Education Account problem


I'm trying to set a onedrive share using rclone in an Ubuntu machine.

When I use rclone config I reach the point where redirects me to a web page where I should login.

I have an education onedrive account and in that login page when I insert the user it says it doesn't exists, but of course it exists and it's valid (I have set it up onedrive-d in the same machine and with the same account, I also have onedrive app set it up with this account in other devices).

If I go to "create account" it says I can't use a business or educational account in that field.

I think the problem is that the education onedrive account is an "office365 account" not a microsoft id account.

Any workaround for getting the token for this kind of accounts?

Thanks in advance!

What version of rclone are you using?

Sorry for the late response.

That was the solution, I was using an old version of rclone.


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