OneDrive Client ID & Secret not working


please redact the ids and secrets

how are you testing?

I tried using rclone copy. Using to default blank ID and secret I am able to see the file in my onedrive. But with using my own ID and secret i cannot see the file and get this message

D:\Tools For Games\Mount Google Drives\rclone>rclone copy "T:\Rclone Copy Upload 2" "OneDrive:\UploadLocation" -P
2021/03/04 23:58:18 Failed to create file system for "OneDrive:\UploadLocation": failed to get root: Get "!MZwzbgfF6U6X-Csni4Ny5XYm73QQK4BFvkJyIPhzSPkujykwSfAwS4y-PJrdIHsG/root": couldn't fetch token - maybe it has expired? - refresh with "rclone config reconnect OneDrive:": oauth2: cannot fetch token: 401 Unauthorized
Response: {"error":"invalid_client","error_description":"AADSTS7000215: Invalid client secret is provided.\r\nTrace ID: fee2fe41-789c-4a33-a8a0-df4048ba1e00\r\nCorrelation ID: 112fe36b-98ba-47b8-9990-8f8a831ec5cf\r\nTimestamp: 2021-03-04 15:58:19Z","error_codes":[7000215],"timestamp":"2021-03-04 15:58:19Z","trace_id":"fee2fe41-789c-4a33-a8a0-df4048ba1e00","correlation_id":"112fe36b-98ba-47b8-9990-8f8a831ec5cf","error_uri":""}"

Is there anything I can do to solve this?

how did you create the client id?

did you follow this procedure?

so i tried for the first time to setup my onedrive.
as first, i failed with the same error as you.
my mistake was to use the ID.
i tried again, using the value and that worked.

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Thank you very much! Using value did seem to work. Also unrelated question, but when cloud transfering from Google Drive to Microsoft OneDrive can I use server side transfer? Or is that only from same cloud storage providers i.e. Google to Google or Microsoft to Microsoft?

you are very welcome.

sure, you can try --magic :wink:


joke went way over my head as well :slight_smile:

oh great, use my own posts against me.
i guess the joke is on me this time :upside_down_face:

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When you get rcone token, did you remember add clinet_id and secret?
You should get the token by 'rclone authorize onedrive 'client_id' 'secret' '
Did you forget last two parts?

Not sure if I understand your question. But I removed my client id and secret in the first post so other people viewing this thread couldn't use it.


the solution was as i described it here OneDrive Client ID & Secret not working - #7 by asdffdsa

for the client secret:
need to use the Value, not the ID


I have the same problem, but nothing helps.

There is a mysterious effect! I have 20 accounts and only the created id and secret I created nearly one year ago are working and now this :slight_smile:
I create new credentials and when doing "rclone config" to create remotes, it works and I can choose even the drive id.

Plus: When I start the union in a mount, it works for some minutes and then I receive the "Invalif client secret" error.

It's driving me crazy because I tried it X time and always the same :frowning:


Did you try using the value instead of client secret?


yes, I used the value. I did it the same way like I did 1 year ago.

And I did it step by step, with to browser windows, so to choose the same options like the credentials which are working.

But I am sure, it is another reason... Because the first time when config with rclone "it works!", it shows me the drive-id and I choose it with typing "0".

Then later, doing the same with this credentials it doesn't work.

Maybe the reason is the high number f remotes? (same IP) But... I don't think so. At work we have a proxy firewall and so everybody has the same IP.

But thanks for your answer!

if it was true, then my solution would have worked.

better to start a new topic, answer all the questions..
the unions mount is another issue; let's get the onedrive remote to work first and then deal with that in another topic.

Î am focused on the OneDrive issue, too.

And I am goin' nuts trying, studying and I am sure it is on MS side some issue. If the credentials work one time, when creating the remote and a little later not ...

... it is hard to belive that we are not able to create some simple user id & secret :smiley:


PS: Did you read on Azure that MS changed some things at creating credentials?

no, i did not, if you have a weblink to share, i will take a read.

i have not used onedrive, tho i have a 1TB account.
i had planned to set it up with rclone but never got round to it.
so when the OP was having problems, i decided to set a remote for rclone.
i followed the rclone instructions to get my own client id and key.
that worked.

yeah, now that you mention it, i did see that when i was setting up onedrive.
i just followed the rclone instructions - Microsoft OneDrive

if you think that those instruction are no longer correct, let me know,
we can create a new post, asking for an update