Onedrive - Can't authenticate with own cliend id


Hello everryone I am trying to setup my onedrive wirth rclone. It worked perfectly without my own client id/secret. But I experienced terrible speeds 1.5MB/s or slower. So I followed the steps given here Microsoft OneDrive
to get my own client id. Sadly it doesn't really specify what exactly I should enter as client id and secret.
I tried a few different combinations from app id, secret id, secret secret, and the account password.

I am either getting an empty code back or it tells me that my app doesn't support private accounts. I tried setting up my azure app only for private accounts and for all account types. The error remains thought.

I remember doing this for my GDrive and eveything worked fine but I just can't get it to authenticate it with my Onedrive.

hello and welcome to the forum,

i helped another rcloner with a similar issue. perhaps this can help you.

Thank you, I missed this post in my reseach i guess. I think the documentation should be more clear thought.

Azure-AppID -> Client id
Key secret (value) -> client_secret

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