Onedrive, Authentication expired

Just noticed this error message when I tried to copy local file to Onedrive (windows10 system):
“Failed to copy: unauthenticated: Authentication failed”

Then I refreshed the onedrive authentication and noticed:
which is exactly one hour from the refresh.

Does this means I would need to refresh the authentication every hour?

Is there a way to extend the expiry time or refresh with a batch file?


No you shouldn't, however I think this bug is preventing you uploading files which make more than one hour.

Thanks for quick reply. Didn’t know this is an existing issue.

I guess the cause of my problem is limited upload speed. I am on a fttn connection only have 2mps upload due to line quality.

I guess I can reduce the number of files being uploaded at the same time. Time to read rclone manual… :smile: