One drive mount is gone because of api limit

hello again,
i generate problem with this file.
i really wonder about your idea.
i guess i already found problem its said too much request please visit 2041 line or 01:40:21 time or you can search with control f "too many" you will find problem.
so when this happend i click on disk but i cant access disk probably one drive blocked access for a while.

so lets back to first question. what can i do for less api request limit?
thank you again.2.log (356.5 KB)

i hope i can sleep tonight. big curiosity :)))))))

ohhh replying.... i saw.. i saw.... :))))))))))))))))))))))

DEBUG : pacer: low level retry 3/10 (error activityLimitReached: throttledRequest: The request has been throttled)
DEBUG : pacer: Rate limited, increasing sleep to 4m36s

on the one hand, you are mining chia.
on the second hand, micro$osft knows what you are doing and is telling you to give up and stop that.
on the gripping hand, @ole can comment.

yes thats correct.
google support that but microsoft blocked. :slight_smile:
-- tpslimit=1 works for mount?

just curious, what is the size of the chia data you need to mine?

with this log file?
around 10 TB but failed. lol

honestly not 10 TB sorry. 4 TB.

There isn’t anything you can do – you are hitting a limitation of OneDrive.

The limit cannot be circumvented by rclone (no matter what parameter settings you try).

I see the rate limit as a purely commercial decision by Microsoft, to keep the price of OneDrive (the server park) down and push the most demanding users (including Chia farmers) over to other more expensive alternatives. It is the same concept for Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

I explained more in this thread/post:

I shared the below article from Backblaze because it shows that a professional company with access to storage at very low prices cannot see a business in Chia farming. I therefore consider it unlikely that Chia farming is profitable for normal people buying storage at ordinary consumer prices. Microsoft naturally makes money on OneDrive and you can rest assured they have limitations in place that will make it impossible for you to get under (or even near) the cost price of their storage.

Think about this: If OneDrive pricing allowed you to make a profit on Chai farming, then why wouldn’t Microsoft, Google, Backblaze, Amazon etc. do it themselves (while making it impossible for their customers)? Try reading the article again:

firstly, thank you so much for interested in my status.
yes i already read this document.
maybe some og pools will send less api request.
keep try keep try! until find an anternative to google. :)))

My best advice: Don't fight a losing battle :slight_smile:

you probably understand that but i still want say that. yes i am a little bit manniac, i can accept that. :slight_smile:
about microsoft side really too much limit. lastly i will try og pool after that i will try next service.
i probably need your help again in the future :))))))

lets look good way, what we learn today?
if you push enough you will receive api request limit when you try mount. did you see that before? honestly i did not see. :))))))))))))))

Thank you for fast answer.

Thanks and regards.


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