Offline mirror of MEGA w. folder structure

hi all,

I'm trying to download a MEGA repository with preserved folder structure, essentially creating a local mirror of the cloud storage. the archive itself is too big to be zipped and dl'ed in one go. i am not the owner of the repository, and thus lack login credentials, but full reading access is available and working.

using v1.54.1 on windows10 64bit

it fails on the list command already:

rclone ls fukyremote:


type = mega
user =
pass =

pass and user are intentionally blank, as i do not own the repository

log output is obvious:
Failed to create file system for "funkyremote:": couldn't decrypt password: base64 decode failed when revealing password - is it obscured?: illegal base64 data at input byte 0

i also tired:

rclone ls htt..://< string of repository >

which fails with:
Failed to create file system for "htt..://<...>": didn't find section in config file

i feel like i am not seeing the woods for the trees, as the config is missing the ACTUAL url of the mega folder. also what are the anonymous logins for mega? i tried it with user:< blank > pw: ***** (that is indeed five stars, yes, i am griping straws).

my plan would have been to do something like this:
rclone sync funkyremote c:\path\to\local

thanks in advance

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There is no support for this right now as it's blocked on an upstream library feature:

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hello and welceom to the forum,

if you have a http link, this might work, no config file needed.

Why don't you use the official MEGACmd for the backend? It supports doing this: mega-get '' .

megatools - Open-source command line tools for accessing cloud storage also supports downloading public files without login.

thanks, i will certainly try them out. the "do-not-download-file-if-already-present" is quite a big issue for me

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