Odroid-xu4, arm64 failed from ubuntu-16.04

Hello, i’m very happy with rclone and then i make it running on my odroid-xu4 (used as media server and NAS). But actually, the 1.36 version for linux arm 64 bits failed to run (32 bits version is running).
the error is:
zsh: erreur de format pour exec(): rclone

the 32 bits one seems to run (also, i do copy all files into /usr/local/share/rclone, then ln -s in /usr/local/bin) well.

ubuntu-16.04 has been installed as 64 bits OS, but it seems to be 32 bits instead… or i don’t know what’s happen then in rclone arm64 compilation.

actually, i tryed also to install from snap:
snap install rclone --classic
it does install the 64 bits version i think (see it in /snap/bin), because it failed to run this way with same error (then uninstall it).

Maybe an, other one on same distro and arm64 bits device could try and said if i’m alone to had this problem with 64b version of rclone-1.36, then maybe you caén check if arm64 bits version for arm linux is well compiled.

thank you for this great rclone cloud remote mount application, it is from far the best CLI application i know for sync think on clouds.

What does uname -a say? That will tell you whether you are running a 32 or 64 bit OS.

If only the 32 bit binary runs then it sounds like you only have a 32 bit OS…

uname -a

so yes, armv7 is for 32 bits (i just see that armv8 is for 64 bits only)

thank you, my fault there is no error there.

No worries! Glad the 32 bit verision is working.