Odd question about renaming?


I'm hoping someone has an idea of how to accomplish something. I currently upload my movies with unchanged file names to a gsuite account and mount the drive so Emby can access it. I'm happy with that setup but I'd REALLY like to properly rename every file and organize movies into folders. For TV I just mounted my google drive and used Filebot to rename a few thousand series with no issue. For movies, it's a little different. I do not want to change the filenames or folder structure of the files uploaded to my gsuite account as I may have to re-seed stuff from it. I'd love a way to 'mirror' them and do all my operations like renaming in another folder. Its like 200+ TB so impossible to really copy to another Google Drive or something due to daily limits.

What comes to mind is Hard / Symlinks like Filebot or Sonarr can do on my local drives. However, I know that doesn't work on an rclone mount.

Does any have an idea of how to do what I'd like to?

Hm. How about a union mount where the write portion is a local file system and the read-only is the remote file system. Then when you do 'work' on that union you'd be only touching the local. Your sonar/radar could access the non-union. If you ever want to sync those changes up, you can run a sync from union to gdrive remote.

I suppose the 'local' file system could also be another 'cloud' location as well on the same gdrive. The caveat is that you'll be doing some uploading/downloading as you're working so that may not be ideal in your scenario. Initial renames would copy the data down so it depends on your use case of course as to what you're renaming.

You can hard link files on google drive, you just can't do it through rclone... So if you had another tool which hardlinked everything to a new directory then you could rename everything in there while keeping the original intact...

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Any idea what kind of tool I'd use to accomplish that.

I don't know.. I had a search but I didn't find one. You can hard link a single file in the google drive interface with SHIFT-Z - not sure what that does to a directory.

Yeah man, I searched around and couldn't find any tools to do what I'm thinking of.

The other option is like a union mount and creating hardlinks locally right? What I don't understand is how I would mount said drive on another computer or transfer it, retaining the hardlinks

You cant hardlink across file systems which I think will be a problem here. Maybe you could do a symlink tree pointing into the rclone mount with the new names?

I am using sonarr and radarr for this

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