O2 Cloud support

Hello i saw that o2 have a unlimited (max 2 GB per file) cloud service and i wanted to know if you could support it. these would be extremly awesome! it cost 5€ per month but is only for o2 customers.

Does it have an API? If so, create a feature request on github and share that information.

unfortunately i found no API informations.
i requested API information in the german o2 forum and linked to here.
o2 forum quested in German
i hope we get fast an answer :slight_smile:
Greetings Patrick

Okay in mean time i found out that o2 cloud using funambol (got the Information from o2) and it looks like they use Rest api.
It looks like funambol is a big Company with already more than 50 cloud deployments.
I think o2 cloud use the unified cloud Plattform (https://www.funambol.com/fplatform.html) propably you know better what to search. If I got any New Information from o2 i will let you know. If you need a accou t to test stuff days me i Can provide you with a Account :slight_smile:
Greetings Patrick

I think its easier when you could contact funambol directly insted of i try to Get more Information...
Would be aweseom.

Greetings Patrick

You'd need to submit a feature request and collect information as it's your request so you'd need to do the leg work on it :slight_smile:

I'm just helping to point you in the right direction.

I thought these will come :smiley: i will try my best.

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