Not using swap on linux (no rclone problem?)

i dont post rclone settings etc because i think its not an rclone problem but a system configuration problem.

my problem is that when i using a large buffer-size (2G) the system will not using the swap-file. is this normal?

i read other users with a high buffer-size and they system swap into the swap-file if ram is full.

but for me while streaming, it NOT swap and the stream breaks off and the ram going "empty". You can see this in the picture.

anyone have an idea?

System is a RaspberyPi 4GB

Without the settings, we have no idea what you are running and deleting the template just makes it hard.

Please use the template.


what operating system do you use? i use ubuntu 21.04 64bit server edition
are you using sd card or external usb drive. i boot from external usb and do not use sd card.

what program do you use to produce that screenshot?

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