Normalize everything, what goes through rclone

Add a flag, what automatically normalizes all filenames, what go through rclone.

I would like to see the following:

  • make everything lowercase
  • spaces change to hyphens or underscores
  • change all underscores to hyphens (and vice-versa)

Interesting idea.

I wonder if you could describe everything you wanted to do as a series of regular expression substitutions maybe.

The transformation could then plug into the listing routines so that when you listed the source, it would show the transformed names.

Is that the kind of thing you were thinking of?

Yes, I was actually thinking, how could it be done in a way that the transformations could be user-changeable.
Probably in the style of 'find and replace' do --filename-replace "A" "a", --filename-replace " " "-".

Then as an addition:
a) have higher-level flag, what combines --filename-replace "A..Z" "a..z" like --filename-lowercase or
b) --filename-lowercase "abcdef" (what would turn letters A..F to lowercase)
Currently I would suggest lowercase, uppercase transformation, don't have any other ideas.

B provides more flexibility, a is easier to implement.