(Noob) Need help with mount

Cool i will try that myself and see what results I get. I been going crazy over here trying to figured it out so your help has been greatly appreciated!!

On another note. I just found out that my seedbox has rclone set up. So I did some testing and I was able to mount both remotes and partially copy a 30G file. The copy file was 10G short. How did that happen who knows. But at least now I know that I am able to use my seedboxes hardware and 1G line to to move files around which saved me some headaches !!

use a log file with debug and you can figure out what happened.

yeah, i have a seedbox and it also runs rclone.

I try to get a log file from the seed box but to no avail. I think I will just forget about using rclone from home remotes and just use my seedbox instead.

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