No Way to Stop a Group

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Is there a way to stop a running group? For example, I can run a rclone copy operation using the "sync/copy" command and give it a "_group" identifier. With this I can query the status using a "core/stats" command. But I need a way to stop a group similar to how the "job/stop" command can stop a specific job.

I am using rclone in an Electron application and spawning a new child process to run the rclone executable using "rclone rcd --rc-no-auth --rc-serve". I want to be able to run multiple copy operations at the same time and stop a given copy on demand. One workaround is to start a new process for every copy operation and if I want to stop the copy, just kill the process. However this is less than ideal. I was expecting to find a command like "core/stop" that would accept a parameter for the "_group" identifier.

Does this exist? I've been searching the forum and documentation but can't seem find an answer. Am I missing something?

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MacOS 10.15.7

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Local File System and AWS S3

Hi Matthew, welcome to the forum

I have no experience with rc, so I am not able to definitively answer your question.

It seems like you have already checked the rc documentation without finding what you wanted. It is my impression that the rclone documentation is in very good shape and reflects the current functionality. So, if it isn’t mentioned there then it probably doesn’t exist.

Just to be sure I also briefly checked the code (not an expert) and the only "/stop" in the code is job/stop and it doesn't take a group as parameter. The code is here:

@ncw @ivandeex and others: Please correct me if I am mistaken

@Ole thanks for the quick response. I figured that if I couldn't find it then it probably did not exist.

@ncw @ivandeex any chance getting this feature added? Could it be implemented similar to how rcJobStop is implemented?
Also do you have a recommended way of how to handle this in the meantime?

If you log a feature request on github, that's the best way to get the ball rolling.

Link the post here.

@Animosity022 thanks for the suggestion. I've opened a feature request here: Add functionality to stop an operation using the _group parameter · Issue #5561 · rclone/rclone · GitHub

my backlog is filled up until xmas

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