No More Google Unlimited Storage

I just got a disturbing email from google
Does this mean unlimited storage is gone?

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As of yet, no. Anything can happen in the future. We're all at the mercy of the big G.

nice to see, that you got an 40% discount...

I'm transitioned over as well, but I still have unlimited storage. It's only available on a business enterprise account. Google will argue with you about it being designed for "big businesses", but it's still available to anyone. As far as I'm being told by them, the minimum user amount is 5, but that adds up quick with the new pricing scheme that comes with the transition. My price is supposed to go to $30/user so I switched to Dropbox last month. Very happy with it so far. They only require a minimum of 3 people at $25/user, so $75/month for unlimited is well worth it to me. I've been transferring everything out of google to dropbox and so far the speeds have been really good. There's no bandwidth limit or daily caps on dropbox (from what multiple reps have said) as opposed to google's daily limits. So far it's been a month and I've been able to transfer out about 140TB of data in that 30 days.

wait so they are raising my monthly from 13 to 20 and are requiring i add 4 more users to keep my services?



A couple of weeks ago, Google started showing how much space is being used in relation to how much is technically allowed. I say "technically", because storage quotas are still not enforced.

This is what you should have been moved to if you were a GSuite User (the old $12/Mo GSuite Plan)

i still get offered 20% for 1 year if i switch....

Well I was just forced to upgrade and....


This is with enterprise standard.

Wow so they just locked you out


Thanks for your highlights.
I'm about to migrate my 22Tb on Google Workspace to Dropbox Advanced.
How did you manage to sync your rclone remotes and transfer 140TB in 30 days while Google limits upload/download at 750Gb per day?
Thanks in advance for your help

N.B: I realise it may be off topic, happy to extend this conversation elsewhere...

The 750GB limit is for upload, not download.

Not sure what it is for download but I've downloaded data at 900Mb/s for 24 hours before just fine, so it should be fine to transfer.

I am going to have to do my 85TB too...

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Just to reiterate, nobody is getting locked out at this time.

The daily download limit is 10TB.

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Their agreement states that there's a minimum of 5 users, but numerous people have reported that they don't really enforce it. Now that they are migrating everything to this new ridiculous infrastructure, I'm not sure what the new limits on users is. They may be enforcing their minimum user policy when you migrate to the new plans. That might be why one of the users reported they used 84.96TB of 5TB. They just forced my migration last month and I still show unlimited storage but I've always had 5 or more users. I'm really not 100% sure what they are enforcing with this new change. Just sharing my experience. All I know is I can't wait to get all the data migrated out of google to dropbox. No limits up or down. The only thing that sucks with dropbox is you have to ask for storage increases anytime you start getting low. I've been asking for 100TB increments and they do it. Hope this info helps.

Hi @LLuwen

As VBB stated, they have been allowing 10TB down and the 750GB is for upload. This must be something recent because a year ago I was cut off at 750GB both up and down. I think you'll really enjoy the dropbox advanced, as I know I do. I'm a heavy bandwidth user and so far they've been real solid. Hope this info helps.

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I just added 4 phantom users to make a total of 5 on Enterprise Standard, they say that gives you "As much storage as you need" which to me translates to unlimited. It's only $100/month, which is reasonable considering I have half a PB stored.

They upgraded me to enterprise automatically. Are the people here who are having to add 5 users new customers or people who weren’t automatically upgraded? I’m confused, is google going to some day email me and say you need to make four more users?

I am seeing this as well but am not sure if this is something new or if it has always been there.
As of now I am able to use it as always.

5 users has always been the requirement for unlimited storage, as previously mentioned they have just never enforced it.

It seems probable that at some point they will start requesting people to adhere to it, but if you are only paying for one license at the moment, just keep reaping the benefits for now