No Logging/Stats When Syncing Encrypted Remote

So here’s the command I’m running to sync a local folder to an encrypted remote:

rclone sync /video PlexRemote-Encrypted:Storage --min-size 50k -v --stats 0 --min-age 15m

It’s working because I can see files being added to the Google Drive I’ve got setup. I’ve also verified using the super cool RClone GUI tool.

All I get in my console is this:

2017/05/03 13:23:51 INFO  : Encrypted Google drive root 'Storage/aeb3gc4eb2svsqsv6rfbkon83s': Modify window is 1ms

When I sync with the un-encrypted drive, it shows me a list of all the files that are being synced like this:

2017/05/03 02:23:57 INFO  : Movies/The Dark Knight Rises (2012)/The Dark Knight Rises (2012).mkv: Copied (new)
2017/05/03 02:24:13 INFO  : Movies/Suicide Squad (2016)/Suicide Squad (2016).mkv: Copied (new)
2017/05/03 02:24:13 INFO  : Waiting for deletions to finish

I run the same command for both, just with different remotes.

Any thoughts?

Looks like I had some configuration wrong. It appears to be working as I expected now.

Sorry for the confusion.