No files in AWS S3 bucket after sync

I’m super new to using rclone. I’ve downloaded it with the hope of finding something faster than s3cmd. s3cmd on my Pi is incredibly slow.

Anyway, I’ve set up a test bucket on my AWS console, configured rclone to sync with it and successfully run the “rclone sync” command with the -v option. It shows the files that were copied to the bucket, I see the files if I use the “rclone ls” command, but there’s nothing there when I view the bucket through AWS’s web interface. The buckets that I’m currently syncing using s3cmd all have contents in them when viewed through the web interface.

What am I doing wrong? Why can’t I see the files I’ve synced with the new bucket through AWS’s website?


Can you show your command line please?

rclone sync -v /mnt/XXXXNas/test XXXX-test

You’re missing a : in the target, so that will have copied to a local XXXX-test and not to a remote.

If you had done
rclone sync -v /mnt/XXXXNas/test XXXX-test:
then it would look for an entry in .rclone.conf called XXXX-test and written to that.