No Deletion in Verbose Output?

Is it true that there is no output in verbose mode to indicate which files were deleted after a sync?

Otherwise for some reason my sync is deleting the file on the destination that don’t exist on the source.

My cmd was:

rclone sync Box:/External/Sub/Pil/Inbound Google:/External/Sub/Pil/Inbound -v

New files transfer fine and there are no errors

Weird. I deleted and recreated the Google Drive share exactly the same way I did before and now it is deleting the files.

I see you cannot delete Google docs? It appears that error doesn’t prevent the sync from deleting other docs?

Ugh. Now I discovered (as others have also) you can delete files via the API that were created/copied by a user other than the one the API is using, even if that user is the owner of the Drive’s account.

You should get a message like this

2018/09/04 16:27:36 INFO  : big2: Deleted

That is what sync does, make the dest the same as the source. Use copy if you don’t want that.