--no-check-dest with Scaleway object storage

when I use rclone to transfer files to Scaleway Object Storage (s3) I have problems with slowness with directories containing a multitude of small files
I read in the doc that the --no-check-dest option allows not to test the presence of the file on the remote
it is also written that it can create duplications with certain remotes including Google Drive
Is this also the case with Scaleway object storage (s3)?
If the --no-check-dest option did not cause any bad effects with "Scaleway object storage", it would help me a lot to transfer these very small files


as per the rclone docs, s3 does not support dupes.

and using rclone backend features remote:, would show

	"Name": "remote",
	"Root": "",
	"String": "S3 root",
	"Precision": 1,
	"Hashes": [
	"Features": {
		"About": false,
		"BucketBased": true,
		"BucketBasedRootOK": true,
		"CanHaveEmptyDirectories": false,
		"CaseInsensitive": false,
		"ChangeNotify": false,
		"CleanUp": true,
		"Command": true,
		"Copy": true,
		"DirCacheFlush": false,
		"DirMove": false,
		"Disconnect": false,
		"DuplicateFiles": false,

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