Ngnix, webdav, windows, rclone mount - questions

I have vps with rclone mount google drive or amazon cloud drive, does not matter much in this case.
Also have ngnix with webdav.
ln -s /var/dav/share /mounteddecryptedrclonedrive

so webdav shares to me everything in dir from rclone mount.
And it works nice on android file manager with webdav support.
Also fine on ios.

But when i mount such drive in windows 10 (after doing:
BasicAuthLevel -> to 2
FileSizeLimitInBytes to ffffffffff)
this stupid windows want to download all movies before playing it.
I want to have it streamable, not download full file.

how to do it?

That is an interesting setup!

I think this is probably some windows specific webdav tweak that you’d have to do…

I found a page with people streaming with VLC: