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Nextcloud has a client that automatically chunks files during sync.
I can do something similar with the WebDAV and chunker remotes, but the problem is that the unchunked files can only be retrieved through Rclone.
The Nextcloud client manages to unchunk on upload to the server and on download to the client. The chunks are transparent to the user.

Can this be done with Rclone? I want to have an automatic upload only (one-way sync) setup to a Nextcloud server, and the Nextcloud client cannot do this.
I also want the files on the server to be readable by people who do not use Rclone, in other words I would like the chunker remote to be transparent instead of leaving chunks on the server.

A solution could be a general unchunk remote/command, or a Nextcloud_chunker remote. The Nextcloud client code is open-source (GitHub - nextcloud/desktop: 💻 Desktop sync client for Nextcloud), so this should be possible.

Is either option doable?


There is a nextcloud chunked upload stuck in pull request review:

You could give that a try

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