Nextcloud + Box

Hello everyone,

I need some advice.

I want to combine Nextcloud and BOX to get unlimited storage. Currently, I'm using BOX and mounting it with full cache to "/mnt/rclone/nextcloud." Then, I use it as the data location for Nextcloud. The problem is, the upload speed from the Nextcloud interface to "/mnt/rclone/nextcloud" is limited to about 6MB/s. The same speed limitation occurs when I try to upload to a local folder that is mounted in Nextcloud.

I thought that using the cache would speed things up since the data would be read/written to the cache folder first, rather than directly to BOX.

My questions are:

  1. Is it better to keep using this setup, or should I use the default data directory for Nextcloud and mount a BOX folder to Nextcloud as external storage?
  2. I have set the cache size to 50GB. If the cache folder becomes full, will it overwrite older data automatically?

Thanks, Chris

If you provide all details as per questions you were asked opening this thread than somebody can have a clue what is going on. Without details and facts I am not sure it is clear what you doing.

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