NewFs: couldn't connect SSH: dial tcp i/o timeout

I am trying to connect to my ubuntu dev server. My config is

Remote config
type = sftp
host =
user = frappe
port = 
pass = *** ENCRYPTED ***
key_file = 
use_insecure_cipher = true
disable_hashcheck = false

When i do rclone lsd greycubedev:lsd I get following error

2018/08/17 17:09:41 Failed to create file system for “greycubedev:lsd”: NewFs: couldn’t connect SSH: dial tcp i/o timeout

To rule out any configuration issue on my side. I manually did SSH with same IP/user/pwd and it is successful
ssh user@IP

What could be incorrect? Please advice. Thanks! for you valuable time.

Are you seeing any app armor error or a firewall type error? The message is saying a connection can’t be made so something is blocking it.

I don’t think so…That is why I did ssh from prompt to rule out such things

If you do on the server running rclone:

telnet 22

Does it connect?

Ok…got it…it appears rclone only gets connected to server with valid domain name. If it is just valid IP without any domain associated with it. it appears it fails

So solution is to put in when rclone config asks for host we should give IP (by the way if we choose default 1 i.e. then IP is )

host> your server IP

Thanks!! @Animosity022 for all the help and right pointers. Topic can be closed

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