Newbie understanding crypt

I’m just getting ready to try rclone (it looks perfect for what I want to do)…

When using the crypt “layer” on top of Amazon Drive (though the target cloud provider probably isn’t what matters)…how do I locally backup the necessary keys/passwords/config so that if my source host dies, I can still recover the cloned files (from a rebuilt host or another host with a fresh install of rclone)?

Appreciate any advice, and thanks in advance!

You can store the passwords you used to make the setup and that will be enough to reconstruct the remote.

If you prefer, a backup of the config file will do as well.

rclone -h will show where the config file is - look for the --config option.

OK, great.

I guess I was worried about the initial nonce being calculated from the machine’s number generator, but maybe that becomes irrelevant.

Thanks for the reply!

The nonce is stored unencrypted in the header of each encrypted file. This is standard practice and means it isn’t part of the key material.