Newbie to FileBot

Hi guys,

I found out about this little but incredibly useful tool called FileBot these last days. Unfortunately, the documentation isn’t nearly as good as the rclone one and so I am little bit confused on how to use it. So, I was wondering if someone over here is using FileBot (or similar) to organize his/her files?

My setup:

I have a dir on a rclone mount into which all new files (movies, tv shows) are extracted, so it has mixed content. Until now I have been using the “Auto-Organize” PlugIn for Emby but although working pretty well it only can handle tv shows and I ended up renaming and moving the movies manually.

Apparently FileBot can do that as well but I can’t figured out how to do it.

Any hint is aprreciated.


Have you had a look at the amc script documentation yet?

Hi rednoah,

correct me if I am wrong but aren’t you the developer of FileBot?
I saw over there that you are focussing more on Win 10 and MacOS because of their App Stores and Linux seems to be in a (let’s call it) beta phase. To me it isn’t clear if the Linux support will “survive”.

Can you enlighten me a bit over here? I really wouldn’t mind spending a couple of bucks if FileBots gets to do what I want it to do.

Linux is more like “End of Life” at this point. FileBot for Linux will be resurrected / survive if a small fraction of Linux users is willing to support it: