Newbie help with mounting gdrive

Hey all im very new to rclone and Linux in general so please explain as if im a total newbie :slight_smile:

Ok i have managed to install rclone and also sync to goggle drive, i have not worked out how to auto sync yet.

My question is how do i mount gdrive. Im doing the following

rclone mount googledrive:backup /home/judgey --allow-non-empty --daemon

It seems to load without errors but where is the mount so i can use gdrive space.

Hope you understand what i mean

Many thanks!

So allow-non-emtpy is really bad to use as you over mounted onto your home drive.

The second parameter of the command is where the folder is mounted to so in your case, it got mounted to /home/judgey

You really want to create a directory somewhere and mount to that and remove the non-empty bit.

So something like mkdir /home/judgey/gdrive

and change your mount to point to that.

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thanks for the fast reply, i will take a look now thank you

I might be back tho :slight_smile:

ok that worked nicely thank you for that.

Any chance you could help me setup auto sync sorry to be a pain.

thank u

I am not sure what autosync means.

What are you trying to do? Can you walk through the steps and what you are expecting to happen?

Hey sure ill try and explain best i can.

First off i have done the mount for gdrive that works fine. Im having two problems…

First is when i use plex and pick a library it will not allow me to pick gdrive mount as a library.

Second is i can manually sync my files in home but would like rclone to do this automatically say every hour or so.

Please let me know if you want me to explain better.

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

If you want to use plex, it runs as another user so you need to --allow-other

The rclone mount is always up to date as you are playing things directly from so there isn’t a ‘sync’ process.

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That works great again many thanks!!!

Hey really sorry to bother you again.

When i said about sync ill explain again what im expecting…

When i download a file to downloads i want it to auto sync to my gdrive. I did try and download/seed to gdrive but gave me an error.

so i want /home/judgey/torrents/deluge to sync to /home/judgey/gdrive

Hope u get me :slight_smile:

Thank you again!

Did you have a way you were doing that before getting rclone involved? I can probably walk you through converting that to be rclone friendly.

no i was using command line to sync with rclone apart from that, thats all i done so far.

Its all a new setup so not done much so far.

Is that what you meant ?

I do a job each night that leverages “rclone move” on your completed downloads to upload each night.

So I do something like:

/usr/bin/rclone move /data/local/ gcrypt: -P --checkers 3 --log-file /opt/rclone/logs/upload.log -v --tpslimit 3 --transfers 3 --drive-chunk-size 32M 

and schedule that each night my ‘completed’ folder.

im really sorry thats above what i understand.

Is there a guide or youtube vid i could use?

im such a newbie i do apologise

Maybe plexguide or something like that ?

I’m not sure as I can help with any related questions, but I’d suggest doing some googling on how you want to get things setup as your questions seem to be more of how to start setting up plex/rtorrent/etc.

Im using quickbox you see.

I use this command

rclone sync /home/judgey/torrents/deluge googledrive:backup

But i want it to auto sync with the above command every say 10 min is there a way to do this.

I’ve never used or even heard of quickbox.

Normally, you’d make cron job in Linux and schedule for every 10 minutes if that was the goal.

Running somethihg like that every 10 minutes is risky without using something like a lock file to make sure only one instance is running.

I have one that runs every 2 minutes it checks that it’s not already running and I also call rclone with a timeout command to terminate it if it runs for more than 10 minutes. Works well. You can use a lock file also but I just check background processes.

If you know the process should complete in 10 minutes you can simply just execute the script with the time out command with a time limit of 10 minutes and schedule I’m Cron to run every 10 minutes. Then you don’t need to check for a lock file nor background processes.

If you want a cheap way of making sure you aren’t running two concurrent rclone’s you can add --rc to the parameters - this opens a listening socket of which there can only be one. Use --rc-addr localhost:12345 to control the address for groups of mutually exclusive rclones.

Shell magic I presume?

rclone could easily implement a --max-run-time flag…

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Hey thanks all,

I can mount the drive and manually copy files to my gdrive by doing

rclone mount googledrive:backup /home/judgey/gdrive --daemon --allow-other

and then

rclone copy unrar googledrive:backup

I want to encrypted it and have a plex cache and to auto copy/backup but i dont know how to. I have never messed with bash scripts or cronjobs could anyone help me with setting this up. Im a newbie so will need newbie instructions.

Thanks guys :slight_smile: