Newbie: Clarification on rclone max file length

Hi All,

Rclone newbie here and I'm testing rclone as my backup strategy. A quick clarification on this thread:

Could someone clarify if the 143 character limit is just on the file name only or is it for the entire path leading up to the file? Also, what happens if my file names exceed this limit - does rclone simply bail out with an error in the middle of the copy/sync operation?

Also, does rclone have any restrictions on the directory tree depth?

Thanks in advance!

It depends on the backend unfortunately... rclone itself doesn't have any filename limits nor limits on the directory tree.

For example with s3 the total path is limited to 1024 bytes so with crypt that is about 5./8*1024-16 = 624 total path length.

With google drive the limit is massive = 8k I think.

Which backend are you using?

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@ncw, thanks for your reply and the amazing tool itself :slight_smile:

I'm currently testing rclone with Wasabi (which I believe is S3 compatible?) and Backblaze B2. What's the file name restriction for B2?

B2 is the same as S3: 1024 bytes total path length.

Thanks for confirming @ncw!

If I run rclone with longer filenames, would it just bail out in the middle? or would it ignore the files with longer files names and move on with the rest? Perhaps, I should pre-filter them before running the rclone copy/sync?

It is total path length, not filename length BTW so it includes the directory path and the file name.

I think rclone will fail to transfer that one file and carry on with the rest, so all files with OK path length will transfer.

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