Newb: aws glacier

Newb here. I installed 1.46 because it had ‘glacier’ aws storage category, which I intended to use. But I’m wondering what exactly does it do? Is this any different than selecting standard AWS storage, and then using aws management console to set management policy for the bucket to glacier?


What it does is set x-amz-storage-class to GLACIER in the PUT request.

I’m not sure whether that is equivalent to using the aws management console or not!

quick follow up - if I did --size-only would rclone be able to read the glacier file for comparison without a restore ? and could it upload a new version with the glacier storage class? thanks

addendum: ljson of a glacier bucket def spits back the size - I guess how uploading a new version work in that scenerio - thanks

I think, and I’m not an expert, that you have all the metadata of the objects without having to restore them. So they will have size and md5sum.

I’ve been using rclone with no options to sync to glacier, and it seem to just work.

doh I just posted a new topic about this, do you not use --backup-dir ? i don’t believe glacier allows for anything except just straight up deletion (which you may not care about) thanks