New Video: Getting Started with Rclone and Backblaze B2

Hi, folks!

We just posted a short (eight minute) video on getting started with Rclone and Backblaze B2, including;

  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Using the --fast-list flag and the RCLONE_FAST_LIST environment variable to minimize transaction charges
  • Creating a bucket with rclone mkdir
  • Using rclone copy and rclone sync
  • Listing and retrieving previous versions of files

Are there any more advanced features you'd like to see in a future video? Anything we could do better in the next one? Any other feedback, positive or negative?

BTW, @ncw, the video isn't 'pitchy' at all - no 'sign up now', or anything like that. I made a second, unlisted, version of the video for embedding in our docs. It's just the same, except it doesn't have the like/subscribe bit at the end. Feel free to embed it in the b2 doc page if you like:, or link to the public video above.


That is a really good video, thank you for making it.

A great run through of how to connect up rclone and get it going.

rclone mount is probably the next used feature after sync/copy

I think having a video on the docs page would be a nice touch. I'll have a play with it tomorrow.

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