New user - rclone source ssh to remote s3

I wonder if it’s possible to cover such a use case:

source - LAN/WAN Ubuntu/Debian box accessible via ssh
remove - S3 bucket dreamhost

Thanks in advance!

hello and welcome to the forum,

  • can the the source be accessed over sftp?
  • can you run rclone on the source machine?

sftp - I guess I can setup sftp as I have full control of it

I can’t run rclone on the source machine, otherwise I could have used rsync as well.

rclone can access a sftp server.

just curious, if you "have full control of it", why not install rclone?

It’s my proxmox server and I’m trying not to install additional applications on it :slight_smile:

Thx for your help !

However thinking about it, it maybe less headache to install rclone on it ...

rclone is a tiny app, and enables proxmox to s3, without tunneling all that data thru ssh to another machine and from that other machine to s3.

Then it begs a question - why rclone better then aws cli ?
Or is it ?

well, that depends on your use case.

rclone works with many cloud providers.
so learn rclone once and use it again and again.
i use it with aws s3, wasabi, gdrive.

i use rclone serve sftp to run a sftp server.
you can create ftp, dlna, webdav and other such servers.

rclone has great flags like --backup-dir

then there is rclone mount, enables you to mount a cloud storage as a local drive letter or mount point.
then use file managers to transfer files.
also, that enables to have a local plex server stream media from the cloud.

rclone can also create a crypted folder

and a great support forum.


Great answer thx!

That is a neat message.

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