New User - Few Questions

Sorry. Newbie here.

If I am using rclone from terminal on a mac and I start a sync. Am I then free to close the terminal window? Will it continue to work in the background? If so, how can I then see the status of those transfers when I open terminal again and if necessary add further files to be transferred to the queue.

Is there a way to get extra info on the transfers? I can see there is a “quiet” option. It would be good to see real time upload rates and remaining time etc…



No, rclone works in the foreground so you need to keep the terminal window open.

Be default you’ll get these printed every minute in the terminal - see the --stats option.

OK. So can I have multiple instances of rclone running on multiple terminal windows? Or do I have to wait until a tranfer is finished before I can start another one?

Yes that is fine.

I recommend you don’t sync to the same directory simultaneously, but copy is fine as is using different directories or cloud providers.

OK. Yes I think I will use copy. I’ve just had an instance where I used sync and it deleted everything else in the destination folder on my cloud drive. Luckily cloud drive moves them to a trash bin so they can be recovered. Copy seems to the safest way forward.

Yes you need to be careful using sync - hence the warnings about using --dry-run in the docs!