New to rclone - Need help with cache

I recently sold my iMad (hehe) and moved to Arch on a new pc. I'm new to rclone and don't quite understand all these cache settings people talk about.

I use Google Drive for personal and work stuff. Most of my files are documents and images, but they are a lot.

My mount command is working almost perfectly. However, some heavy folders takes a while to load, and everytime I open a new folder, rclone indexes it, which is annoying.

I believe I'm missing some cache settings or something else that would make it work better. I used to use Google Drive File Stream on OSX, so I'm trying to have the same experience with rclone.

Could a noble soul give me a hand? Is it possible to cache this indexing, so rclone wouldn't need to do it everytime I open a folder?

This is my mount command:

/usr/bin/rclone mount
"Google Drive": "/home/andre/Google Drive/Pessoal"

Generally speaking it isn't rclone that indexes things it will be something in your OS.

What are the symptoms of this indexing? Opening all the files to read thumbnails or something like that?

For instance, if I open the mounted folder, navigate to another folder inside of it and come back to the root folder, it will load the files again. Also, it indexes all files in every folder I open. Isn't there a way to cache the entire structure?

You'd make "--dir-cache-time 1000h" to your mount as that caches the directory and file structure in memory unless something changes.

The mount can also pick up changes via polling so setting it to a large number is fine and recommended on Google Drive.

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That worked. Thanks, mate!

However, it doesn't cache all the folders and files at once. It caches whiles I'm navigating. Is it possible to cache everything?

I use a rc command to cache everything after I mount it.

rclone rc vfs/refresh recursive=true