New to rclone and losing connection over night

Hello all,
I’ve trying to wrap my head round this issue for quite awhile now. I have some large files (backups of time machine images) to transfer to b2 and it seems that the command I’m using isn’t working. I’m using a basic command. Here is the example.

rclone copy /media/set-1 companyname:bucket

I’ll keep my connection on overnight and in the morning it will show its disconnect. So I need to add some sort of flag to allow it to keep going after I’ve logged out but I have no idea what that should be. Just an example of how that would be setup would help. Also any suggestions for moving large files would be greatly appreciate.

Are you on Windows or Linux/Unix?

If you’re on linux you can look at “screen” to keep things running. Google it. Works well. or you cna run it our of crontab or even use ‘nohup’ to catch the signal and keep it running.

I’m on ubuntu. Can you provide an example of the command? I just need to see what it looks like.
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You can just type ‘screen’ and you’ll get a session. If you want a one liner to execute it in screen, you can do this:

screen -S rclonedavs -d -c "/data/bin/

Totally forgot to mention I’m puTTYing into the server and running the command.

That works. Same thing.

FWIW, this might help with the disconnects -

Thank you for all your help. But the job will run for awhile and then I get this. Any ideas?

net/http: HTTP/1.x transport connection broken: http: ContentLength=100663336 with Body length 100622773

That means you had a connection drop along the way. It should retry though and move along as the Internet isn’t perfect :slight_smile:

This last one keeps happening. Its only with this bucket. It has Mac backups as sparsebundles. Any idea how to get these uploaded?

The error means you are losing connection. Is your device going to sleep or something else?

nothing i can tell is loosing connection or going to sleep.

Looks like b2. There was an issue that was fixed to help retry.

Sorry for the delay in response.
I'm using ubuntu 12.04
Rclone version 1.38

Upgrade Ubuntu.
Upgrade rclone.

Test again as those versions as very dated.

No way around it without updating? Trust me i get it and I'd love to. But the age of the server is a issue and I don't want the damn thing to mess up until we move off of it.

You can upgrade rclone and try that out. Not much to do with 1.38 as it's a few years old.

Thanks for the suggestion. Whats the easiest way of upgrading via command line?

Right here: