New rClone dedicated backup machine -- Suggestions

Hello!, i'm going to setup a new Debian machine for my local backups, it has to upload overnight many files of big size (50-80 gb mostly mkvs and zips) to my googleDrive using rClone, i would like to have some suggestion on how should i mount (with wich flag) the rclone confing once i'm done bulding this rig !.
Hw i'm putting togheter:
CPU : intel core i5 -4th gen
MOBO : hp propietary motherboard
RAM : 4gb (momentarly ) 1600mhz ddr3
SSD 120gb for Debian
HDD 1tb for cache
i have a 1000mbps / 300 mbps internet connection.
thanks !

one option is to use rclone sync, not rclone mount.

if you want rclone mount, might test
rclone mount remote: /path/to/mountpoint --vfs-cache-mode=writes

I concur about sync (or maybe copy or move depending on your needs). Mounting is super convenient but has lots of issues. Cache mode >= writes does help but I'd rather just do the real thing. You also get more useful logs.

Note google has 750gb/day limit.

I have mount my google drive as read only and upload all backups with rclone copy. After rclone returns no error, it remove the files.


if you need help,
best to start a new topic, provide answers to all the questions.

i don't need help, this was my suggestion to the ops situation.

sorry, my bad,

but your suggestion is a good one, running rclone mount --read-only and uploading using a differenet method.

or just forget about the rclone mount and use rclone sync/copy
and as mentioned, more useful logs, very important.

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