New integration: Wasabi

Seems like a solid new cloud storage provider, would be great to have support in rclone

Wasabi storage costs a flat $.0039/GB/Month with a 1 TB minimum usage. The only other thing we charge for is data OUT to the Internet, which is $.04/GB (vs. $.05-.09/GB with Amazon). No nickel-and-diming you with extra charges for PUT, GET, DELETE and other operations.

Wasabi’s system architecture enables an average 6x faster performance relative to Amazon S3*. This performance advantage also translates to significantly faster time-to-first-byte speeds when compared to Amazon S3.

Wasabi is built to be 100% AWS S3 bit-compatible (same AWS API constructs for storage & identity management). No need to change your S3-compatible application when using Wasabi.

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Hello, mstgrv,

Interesting, but way too expensive: my current Google Drive data (~18TB) would cost over $70/month (vs $120/year if I had to pay for GSuite, which I don’t because I’m an academic user :wink: ).

– Durval.

Wasabi works fine with the s3 module. They even wrote a PDF on how to set it up.

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Ah, there you go! Thanks @ncw!