New error from googledrive i haven't seen before. should i be worried?

the filename and ipaddress were redacted by me. but… this is a new error i’ve never seen before? what does it mean? should i be worried? what “limit” did I hit on googledrive now?

2019/03/05 21:54:22 ERROR : ||filename||: pu
t: error uploading: Post
upportsTeamDrives=false&uploadType=multipart: net/http: HTTP/1.x transport conne
ction broken: write tcp ||ipaddresses||: wsasend: An exis
ting connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.

That is windows reporting that the remote end sent a RST packet to close the connection.

This may be because the thing you were connecting to was overloaded, or being rebooted or something like that.

ISPs have also been known to forge RST packets to shut down connections that use too much bandwidth.

Who is your ISP? What were you doing when this happened? Anything can help with this.

backing up the internet to googledrive :-p
never seen the problem before or since.
guess it’s no big deal. maybe gdrive was rebooting a server

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Haha. All them Linux ISOs, gotta have ever code revision! :wink:

I’ve never heard of Verizon FIOS doing RST forging, but I could be wrong. Keep us posted if it happens again. It’ll be interesting to see if someones poking at us.

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