New B2 server side encryption

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Reading this post from Backblaze

Actually i'm using a crypt remote for B2 cloud so i'm not able to use file versioning properly.

This in only server side encryption so i think probably crypt file names encryption etc. is still standing.

What you think? Could this replace crypt?

that depends on your use case.

B2 cloud is a clone of AWS S3.
rclone supports S3 server side encryption.

I don't properly understand.
You mean i can enable B2 server side encryption with my actual crypt?

i was pointing out that rclone supports SSE on S3 providers such as B2

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Sorry but i do not quite understand what you mean by "rclone supports SSE" . I use crypt but it is client side. So you mean that enabling SSE in B2 i could still upload my files with rclone and they will be encrypted by B2 SSE?

rclone using crypt remote - always client side encryption.

i just read the documetion for B2 SSE - it does not match AWS S3 SSE API so rclone will not work with B2 SSE.
tho you can use custom headers to make it work.

while you cannot use versioning with rclone crypt, you can use --backup-dir to simulate it.

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you can use a command like this, for forever forward incremental backups.
rclone sync "b:\data remote:current --backup-dir=remote:archive/20210322

Yep, but that way i can't use the lifecycle rules for the buckets on B2 and i have to manually take care to delete the old "archives".

I hope file versioning will be working soon with crypt.

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