Network Drive sharing

I can seem to mound a network drive but i don't see the point of the because i can't access the mount from any other computer on my network. How can i mount the drive and share on the network in windows 10? PS noob... Not a coder.

Install rclone on every computer and mount it locally or use rclone serve to expose it on your local network as ftp or webdav.

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sure, i have done that, wrote about it a few times in the forum.

this uses windows built-in networking to share the rclone mount.

on the server

set root=b:\rclone\mount
rclone mount remote: %root%\remote
net share share=%root%

on the clients

net use z: \\server\\share\remote /user:username password

good idea, but on windows, using rclone serve webdav requires dumbing down windows security, unless the OP creates a https certificate

@TruTheaterRadio, just curious , is that you?

And forgive me. Again, noob, not a coder.

--set root=b:\rclone\mount--

typed this in and just went back to C:\RClone>

--rclone mount remote: %root%\remote--

For Me -- rclone mount pcloud:video/"Movies and TV" b:

rclone has started but can't type anything in after this

--net share share=%root%--
Don't know how to type this in and do I type it in under a new CMD window under rclone?

I got the ftp to "work" as localhost:2121 and if put in file explorer it works but only on the server computer. Every other computer gives me an 'connection the server can not be establised" error

Good first step. is special address and always means local computer.

To access this ftp from other computers you have to use its LAN IP

probably something like 192.168.1.x

To find it on Windows:

Also make sure that rclone serve "listens" on all addresses by using --addr :2121 flag

Aha! Got that to work! Thank you. My next big thing to try would be to serve http. Would be pretty awesome to have access to a cloud folder from a web browser. I am somewhat "familiar" with port forwarding. Is there a detailed tutorial on how to do this...for noobs?

It should as simple as running rclone serve http - rclone serve http. No need to forward any ports as long as it is on your local network.

You can have both ftp and http running at the same time. Just use different ports.

Start simple and if working you can add certs for https and maybe protect access with username/password. But this is all optional.

To improve performance I suggest also to use VFS cache. Simply add these flags to your serve command:

--vfs-cache-mode=full --vfs-cache-max-size 10GiB --vfs-refresh

adjust size - this is how much disk space on the server will be used for caching.

I am aware of the vfs cache thank you. And to clarify I would like to be able to access, say a 'movies' folder, using http with a public ip so I can access them outside my network.

The same - just you need to forward whatever port you are using for http on your router.

And if going to pubic internet I would definitely look at adding certs (for https) and username/password.

You do not have to serve all your remote - it can be indeed limited to some folder:

rclone serve http pcloud:video/"Movies and TV" ...

Where I always get confused is, I have a port forwarding for 8081, 8181 etc but the ip is for the local machine (192.168.x.x) Whats my IP dot com shows a public ip for my router. How to I 'obtain' an ip address that i can assign to make my rclone folder accessible outside of network?

And I tried the Http and it does work.
Also not to concerned with certs for things like movies and such (or should I be?)

let's say you run on your server (for example

rclone serve http --addr :8080 ...

Then on your router create rule to forward traffic from 8080 to

To access it from outside you have to also know your external IP. If you type in google "what is my ip" it will tell you.

Things get a bit more complicated if you do not have the same external IP all the time as maybe your ISP is changing it. Then you have to configure dynamic dns - most routers have option for it.

It is up to you. But you might find at some stage strangers watching your films. And maybe worse some officials asking why you share copyrighted content:) Up to you. This is outside of the scope of this forum:)

I agree with @asdffdsa - VPN is much better option....

fwiw, given your current skill set, really, really, really, should not expose your internal network to the entire internet using rclone serve, just to watch movies or for any reason ever.
not sure why anyone would suggest that?

for sure, hackers will find it in a few minutes.

you need to protect your internal network.
use tailscale, vpn, caddy, etc..

with tailscale,

  • all traffic is encrypted over the internet.
  • do not have to use certs, but is a good idea.
  • do not have deal with port forwarding
  • do not have to deal with ddns.

point taken. I will give that a shot. You have been a major help.Still waiting for [asdffdsa] reply as I would like to be able map the drive as a letter. Essentially have rclone only on one pc but mapped to different letters for different folders on different pcs.

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point also taken and what I was leaning toward. I will look at tailscale as well as other options. P.S. I'm not actually trying make a movie server, this is more or less "I want to make it work just because it would be really cool to know and possibly useful in the future"

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