NeoCities backend?

I am wondering whether it would be a good idea to make a NeoCities backend. They have a simple HTTP API through which you can upload files with HTTP auth. I was thinking of making a utiilty to copy files over, but rclone seems better because it'll take care of a lot of the syncing automatically, so I figure I might as well contribute to it.

What does everyone think?

I've never used neocities cloud storage, but If you are going to contribute the code for it yourself then I don't see why not. I'm sure someone else will be very thankful fro your work. Better to make a backend for rclone than some specialized utility IMO. No need to invent the wheel (or at least more parts of it then you have to =P )

If you make a pull request on github then NCW typically runs integration tests and reviews the code if needed.

Great, I'll try that, thanks!

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